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Lessons from around the world

The first time I traveled outside the borders of any country was in 1998, and I was five. Since then I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest dreams and have spent a total of 15 years in 5 countries (Zimbabwe, India, Kuwait, Japan and most recently Australia). You see, I am the daughter of a diplomat which means my family and I tail my dad across the world, country to country representing our beloved nation, Nigeria. And honestly, it is awesome for most parts. Spending 2-4 years in a land that is not yours followed by a short sabbatical in your own homeland… Wash and repeat… Isn't something I would complain over anytime soon. It is a beautiful life and often a very fulfilling one. I say all this not to brag about my travels or the privilege I have to continuously see and be part of numerous different countries, cultures, and people. But instead to share what I have learned about humanity and its link to wanderlust.

Where doesn’t count Whenever I tell people about my life and my travel…

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