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It still takes a village, a much smaller village.

When it comes to family, Africa has always been known for it’s “it takes a village” approach of raising children as well as maintaining a home structure. This creates a situation where everyone i.e. extended family members, neighbors, street vendors etc. all have a stake at the success and failure of every household. Children grow up with countless related and unrelated mommies, daddies, aunts, uncles, and grandparents not to mention an even larger group of siblings and cousins -of varying ages- all with the goal of nurturing the child to the best of their ability.

While this is a truly beautiful cultural and social practice, which has undoubtedly led to one of the strongest familiar systems in the world. A never talked about detail of this practice is the freedom it allocated parents and the attention/ involvement that every child brought up within these structures received.  Neither is how that attention and hands-on approach played in creating full and well-rounded adults at the c…

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