To be at Peace is to slow things down

It’s exactly 2:00am, and I just got done with my prayer for the day and a little one-on-one with the holy book. Yeah… yeah… me stating it seems a bit pretentious. But it's my blog and it’s the truth: P so deal with it. Anyway, as I was saying, it is late at night and the out of the blue smell of rain is intoxicating me. A romantic cliché.

Today was actually a pretty good day, no thanks to NCR's scorching summer sun. It indeed was terribly unkind, I think I showered like 4 times during the day, therefore I had to stay in the hostel. I won’t bore you with the step-by-step recap of my cleaning routine nor the improvised recipe of what I had for lunch- which turned out pretty darn good.

Today was a good day because it was peaceful. Because for the first time in a long time I didn’t have any deadline hanging over my head-that’s if you don’t count prayer times. I was in bed till late afternoon. And when I woke up, I actually got to stretch in bed slowly and at my leisure. I waited as my bones cracked musically, recapping another enrolee of my weird dream collection. And no, I won’t share what the dream was about.

Today was a good day because I felt time pass without me rushing it. In its slow ticking I filled the time with radio. At first piano and guitar instrumentals followed by bbc1's breakfast program and then the sound of my bedroom in Nigeria-hot fm.

Today was a good day because I got to dust off my drawing book and my quotes journal. I read the words of many before me who in one way or another felt something similar or even exactly the same as me at one point in their lives. It made me feel connect to myself, to them and to the universe; because emotions and feelings are like energy- they are never created nor destroyed, they just pass on. I like to think they pass on not just by becoming other emotions but by transferring from human to human. Connecting us together like a yarn of emotions.

Today was a good day because of the hours I spent on the hostel sidewalk with my friends. Talking about everything from exam cheating techniques- not all were our handiwork- to preferred methods of death. Btw, please don’t cheat it is dishonourable. I loved this part of the day especially because we actually talked looking into one another’s eyes i.e. no cell phone distractions.

Today was a good day because it was simple. A pleasant, mediocre and fulfilling simple day. And I enjoyed it. I wish people my age didn’t find days like this lacking. It saddens me that nowadays such a day is something to avoid. Because it doesn’t excite in pictures. Because it doesn't validate the awesomeness of one’s life. I wish everyone takes a day like this, just to be.

Good night and sweet dreams.
Yours blabber.


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