A Superhero deserves more than ‘a’ Day

Well, it’s father’s day… again. And everyone young and old is celebrating the men that grew them into the people they are today. For indeed a man is beyond important in a child’s life.

For a son, a father is a role model, a teacher and the image of who he is to be in the near future. Through a father’s strength a son trains for his duties and his capabilities as a man. Through a man’s consistency, a son learns to be there day in and day out; come hell or high waters for those that need his presence. Through a father’s hard work and persistence a son learns that there is nothing that says love more than doing your best for those you love most. Through a father’s demeanor, a son carries himself and interacts with the world. For everything a father does, doesn’t just end with him. It is cultivated and harvested by the son. Every son either 100% follows his father’s or does an 180 and tries to be someone entirely opposite. Either way, fathers influence their sons and shape their future, intentionally or not.

And for a daughter, a father is love, courage, and honor. A father is what a daughter draws to as a child and an adult. He is the man that she compares every other male to. A father teaches and shows a daughter the kind of love she deserves and is entitled to. A father’s strength and courage transfers into his daughter’s heart and in that she can face the world. She can demand what she wants. She can fight for what she believes. She can, not-be a victim or a submissive; she can stand on her feet and stare dead into the eyes of everything and anyone. A father’s integrity and honor is the blanket that cover’s his daughter. It is home and safety as it is equally her moral armor- protecting her from the world.

Being a father is the same as being a superhero. You protect selflessly and always aim to make the world the best it can be for your nearest and dearest. Taking up whatever roles you are required to and often sacrificing yourself for them. How hard it must be to be a father. No wonder some try and some don’t. Some fail despite trying and others, the strongest ones, achieve greatness. Yes, they are superheroes, but we should also remember they are human beings. With human struggles. Often no matter how the world sees it, the best a father can do is not be there and allow someone better to do what he can’t. It is not ideal but such is life. And no matter who you get as a father, just one day is not enough to celebrate him. One day is not enough for a superhero, even if he is not there at all times.

To me, father’s day is not for fathers. It is for us, their kin, to remember their virtues and reflect upon them. To be those worthy of such super humans. For nothing will be more of an insult and a cause for pain to a father than to see us all go through life not learning from their existence. 

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