I'm Baaack!!!!

Hey, blabbers!

I know it's been an entire pregnancy (no, this is not an admission, I didn't have a kid) since we last saw each other. And, I can't even begin to explain how much it's hurt me not to be able to blog and connect with you guys. But it wasn't by choice nor design.

I unexpectedly found myself back in the motherland (Nigeria), and things have been nothing but an intense, round-the-clock bombardment of experiences since my feet landed. And in the midst of getting my bearing situations kept changing and it became almost impossible to find time to absorb what was going on talkless of penning down my experiences and observations. If there is one thing I have learned during the past nine months it is how incredibly hard and superhuman, it is to be able to write every day, regardless of the ups and downs of life. (I think that's the superpower i will ask for). And that is something I have to work on because currently, it's all about moods and energy for me. And I need to find a way to write regardless of my state of mind and environment.

Am sure you are wondering what's next for the blog well, am excited to say I got a year-long list of topics I want to share with you (half of which are already written in my MIND). And am trying to work in some regional and real-time commentaries. So bare with me, and hope you'll continue to be part of this journey with me. Love you all.

your favorite blabbermouth.


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