Why I Write, and why you should too

 I often hear my parents tell stories about how quiet a child I was, always highlighting the fact that I was basically mute until the age of four. Fortunately, the day of miracles came, and I uttered my first word, then my first phrase followed by a whole sentence all not too far from one another. Before we knew it, I earned myself the title of ‘the neighborhood’s radio’ and life has never been the same since.
Most people who know me would be shocked to hear about the existence of a time when I didn't talk like the parrot I've become today. They probably would be as shocked as when people found out that I write, after all, talkative, social and flamboyant personalities typically don't have the patience to write. Nonetheless, here I am loud-mouthed and incapable of being happy without a pen and paper. So, the question is why do I even bother when my vocal cords are always active and loud enough to be heard even in the most deafening crowds? Here are the answers:
 "Knowing that what I write brings about thought and conversation, and sometimes I get to be part of that discussion, is a beautiful thing."

Writing Is My First Language

Despite the multiplicity of languages that I speak, I've always found my voice on paper. Even as a child, it was still more natural for me to leave a note under my parent's pillow or slid it under their door than for me to voice something out. This is not to say I couldn't but rather it's about the clarity and completeness I've found from taking a step back and analyzing what I wish to say before giving it life. Writing enables me to express all my thoughts and feelings without the pressure of a comeback from the person. There is a simplicity, flow, and freedom that comes with distancing one's self from the thoughts and feelings that consume a person, and I've found that in written words. Either mine or someone else's. Either during the process or post it, and at times in the modest idea of writing it down.

Writing Is My Favorite Release

Most of us live our lives with thoughts, ideas, and feelings that only live within us. We either learn to accept these unspoken words will never indeed find their rightful homes (recipients), or we allow them to drift away, forgotten like the incoherent ramblings of a toddler. Most of us fail at doing the later, when it comes to things of great importance to us, so we allow these comatose words to weigh us down- always looking for an escape but never finding the right one. So for me, while it is at most times the hardest thing to do, I have learned that nothing gives me more peace than letting go of my thoughts by writing them down. I get to feel the weights fall off and my chest expands as the words appear.
There is also an element of confidentiality and acceptance in writing. Unlike talking (to a person), the words you write will never judge you for your choice for words/context/grammar,  uncoordinated thoughts, exaggerations, political correctness or for the tear stains on your paper. These words are yours- and yours alone- until you decide to share them with someone; and they will never judge you for anything.

 I Always Discover More When I Write

Especially in today's hyper-informative age, we are continually ingesting data with little or no room to analyze what we know or how we feel about the information. Fortunately, because writing is a deliberate and emphatic act, I find myself incapable of writing anything without facing my thoughts and feelings head-on. It has forced me not only to feel what's within thoroughly but has made it inescapable, demanding me to confront the things that I would generally find too hard, to be honest about. In doing so, I found myself equipped with the power and knowledge to name the nameless feelings that we prefer to lay to bed. And unsurprisingly, I always discover more about myself or the subject I am writing about. It's comical how many words or ideas are left dormant and unused because we allow them to go under the radar.

"There is also an element of confidentiality and acceptance in writing. Unlike talking (to a person), the words you write will never judge you"

Writing Brings The World To Me

While it is true that writing gives wings to your thoughts and ideas, it also allows the world to find you. Most writers know that writing is as much about actual writing as it is about research. Some would even say researching is more significant because it is the meat to your bone, i.e.,, the idea. So how you much meat you have and in which areas you allocate it shapes what you write which is as vital as your style of writing (literary voice). When all that is said and done, one of my favorite things about writing (and allowing others to read what I've written) is the human interactions that come as a result.  Whether what I write resonates with people or not I get to hear about their opinion and realities. I am allowed to see the world through eyes that have never met mine, and that is something I find extremely powerful. Knowing that what I write brings about thought and conversation, and sometimes I get to be part of that discussion, is a beautiful thing.

That's all folks. Lemme know what you think in the comment section. And what you do that has significance in your life. Till next time, xoxo.
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