It is a Man’s world

As a 22 year old educated and mentally sound individual, I find that the fact that I am born with a particular set of body parts dictates the way society accepts me. I may achieve excellence in everything I do but before my word is taken to account that of every man around me has to be heard and considered first. Why? Because female judgment is always considered to be lacking. We are emotional beings, therefore, we can’t think logically. We are homemakers and therefore we have no place outside a house.

This discriminating approach has existed from the beginning of man’s consciousness. Somehow because a man can throw a spear further it was considered that women cannot provide. The fact that pregnancy makes us require special attention became the proof that women are weak. The one aspect in which a woman can always and will forever excel- in a man’s eyes- is her BEAUTY. A woman’s physical beauty is always appreciated and admired; and more than often celebrated. We are ornamental beings made for only one objective: to beautify the life of a man (in whatever way he deems fit).

 Ironically, animals i.e. millions of species that we consider lesser, seem to do it the opposite. Females in the animal kingdom aren’t lesser. They are integral members with momentous roles to play. So on this, I question: who is truly wiser? Who is superior? Who is the real apex of the food chain? When one-half of an entire species can suppress the other half. Is it the species that excludes or the one that includes?

Those are questions I want you to ponder over. Because those questions have manifested themselves in the way we females even as children are brought up. They say don’t do this because only boys do it. They tell us to let the guys walk first because they are supposed to lead us. They say don’t run so fast or lift things that are heavy because those are what men are built for. They tell us not to fight because boys are to fight and protect us.  They tell us to not focus too much on school because when we marry the man is to be the main breadwinner while we stay at home. They tell us to stay home and behave because only boys are supposed to be inquisitive and adventurous. It is only lately that I realized that the male population only got as far as it did because the society keeps holding us females back. Constantly restraining our wings and hindering our flight. Men became leaders and frontiers because women were chained by the notion that they are incapable of doing what a man can I do. But in reality it wasn’t that we were naturally incapable, rather like elephants, we were psychologically programmed to think that the string tied around our necks were chains. I cry for my fellow females who still have to break these chains. More than anything it angers me.

It angers me because we are not incapable of anything. Our sex does not dictate the extent of our productivity nor is it a box to keep us in. I see that now. And luckily for a few of us, we have beloved ones who see it too. Fathers who believe in their daughters’ strength; and pave the way for her greatness. I mention fathers specifically because a girl’s father is her first love, and how he sees her and treats her is the first brick in her foundation. I am lucky and blessed for the man I call my father because old traditions of man have not stopped him from being the ‘MAN’ in my life. And in him, I find courage and wisdom to see the world that the men we’ve let to rule us created. Indeed it is a man’s world. And it has no space for us. I am thrilled by that because I don’t want to be part of a man’s world. I want to rule it… the way only a woman can.
See you soon, Blabbers! 😄
P.S. the title of this post is a song by Etta James. Check it out.😉

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