Liebster Award Acceptance

Hey, blabbers!
I am honored to inform you that Bedtime Blabber is nominated for a Liebster Award. Liebster is awarded to new bloggers who have excellent content and a great message to share. Which means Bedtime Blabber is doing something right.  So, thank you for being awesome readers, and always been open to my lack of chronology both in schedule and post topics. I promise it will get better, especially the content.
Liebster Award
Before I say anything more, I will like to thank Amanda Legault for nominating me. Amanda’s personal blog, Ambitiously, Amanda, focuses on things like excelling in school, personal growth, budgeting and many more things she aspires to do. Do check it out; you will love it.

Now that all that is said and done, we’ve reached the acceptance part of this nomination (and if I haven’t said it before, I ACCEPT :D. To complete the process, I am required to respond to a set of questions which all Liebster Award nominees are required to answer. Continue reading to find out more about me, the blog and the people I pass the baton to.

About your blog
Bedtime blabber started off as an anecdote to my wandering, sleepless mind i.e. those annoying yammering thoughts that won't stop while I tossed and turned. And it was actually supposed to be anonymous. But quickly, I realized that what truly kept me awake wasn't the small chatters of an unsleeping mind but rather a desire to know more and say more. And so, I set off to do exactly that by searching and digging through the many stories, ideas and concepts blossoming all around our societies; and eventually sharing my take on them.

The most rewarding thing about My Blog
I think the answer here will be most evident to anyone who knows me. As a constant blabber mouth and an addict of stories and new information having a space where I can express my many thoughts and feelings about anything and everything is the most rewarding and empowering thing. And at the same time, having people who are inquisitive about the things that I find interesting and willing to listen to my written voice is heart-warming. And I can’t wait to see where this relationship takes me. J
The best piece of advice I can give my readers
Patience is something that doesn’t come very natural to me. However, it is a quality that I’ve come to realize could be my make or break. So, if there is anything I would urge my readers to work towards it is the art of letting things fall as they may and not expect things to happen instantly. Because nothing truly worthy happens without hard work, heaps, and heaps of patience and persistence.

My favorite travel destination and why
So, I am one of those very weird individuals who can never pinpoint just one thing they love in any category which is why traveling for me is hardly about the location but rather about the culture of the place and the experiences I’ve make.
Taking that into account, I will say India has been my favorite destination so far. This is because I’ve had the most experiences, personal growth and professional awakening there. And to be honest, not all were good, but everything I’ve been exposed to in the country has truly made me a better person in the long run. So thanks, India.
Halima Bello Husseini Liebster Award Acceptance
Where I would love to go in the world
Everywhere! I think there is no country or place too small to visit because lessons and knowledge can come from anyone or anywhere regardless of any demography. And that’s what I crave most: growth as a consequence of travel. But I will like to inform you that I am moving to Australia in a few weeks, and I am childishly looking forward to the mysteries I will uncover about myself there.

What makes me deliriously happy
I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than being surrounded by like-minded people (and opposing minds too). There is something truly magical about exchanging ideas and stories; finding middle grounds, and at the same time pushing one another’s comfort zones.
I am an avid believer of sharing stories and the power it has to morph people. And it is because of this passion for multi-faceted life experiences and views that I do what I do, and aspire to do more.

My guilty pleasure
I have two guilty pleasures: sleep, and T.V. And I am ashamed to say they sometimes are the reason I do less than I should, even though I know better. I can sleep the entire day and not get tired. And when it comes to Tv I am opposed to almost nothing, as long as I am in the mood. I once marathoned four seasons of Gossip Girl in a weekend. And currently, I am obsessed over documentaries about food, health or personal growth. So, please pray for me.

A difficult obstacle I have had to overcome
Accepting that life doesn’t work out the way we want it to is one of the hardest things I’ve learned so far. Especially since I am the type of person, who gives nothing less than 110% to the things and people I care about. Realizing that my effort can only take me so far was a really hard pill to swallow, nonetheless, I am proud that my adversities didn’t discourage me but rather have humbled me.
I now understand that there are some things beyond my power. However, there is no excuse for that to be the reason why I give up or refuse to go after what I want because the only thing I can truly control is my reaction.

What I am most grateful in your life
I am blessed with so much that I can’t afford to be ungrateful. And at the top of the list is God’s unquestionable love, which has pulled me out of many dark places and times of uncertainty. I am also thankful for the incredible people I call mom and dad, and despite how many times we butt heads I know deep down they are always at my corner.
Lastly, but definitely not the least is my Teddy. I can’t thank you enough for playing every role I’ve needed you to play. You are my backbone, my drill sergeant, and my safe place; and I wouldn’t be me or here without you. So, Arigat┼Źgozaimashita.

So, that’s it blabbers J Thanks for sticking with me, I hope the above answers allowed you to know me a little bit more. Now the fun bit, my nominations for the Liebster Award are:
Good luck.... Byeee!!!

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